All About The Enzocomfort Travel Pillow

Do you always experience neck pains every time you travel? Well, the enzo travel pillow is the perfect solution to this problem. It is made from the latest technology comprising of memory foam and cooling gel which provides the best comfort. This product has helped to neck pain quite significantly. It has also helped reduce muscle inflammatory that is mostly caused during long hour travels.

The Travel pillow comes in three colors: red, grey and blue. This gives one the choice of having a color that best suits them. It is usually covered in a soft fluffy fabric (velour) that is suitable for a machine wash. This makes it easier to clean. This cover also protects the pillow from dirt and it also provides the much needed comfort.

Some of its features are:

· It is durable. It has undergone various tests before being released into the market to prove that it can last for a very long time. Its cover can be removed anytime for washing. The fabric has also been created to maintain its bright colour thus it cannot fade.

· A memory foam of 4.5 D density. This means that it is neither too soft nor too hard. The perfect memory foam density ensures that the perfect levels of comfort are offered when using this product. This gives one the freedom to move their neck when using it.

· It is very versatile. This means that it can be used during car and flight travel. It is usually sold with a travelling bag that allows you to strap it onto other travelling bags quite easily. It is also very easy to carry it around because it can be hanged onto a travelling bag using its lock-on button.

· Cooling gel- Its thin layer of cooling gel helps you get the comfort you need without necessarily feeling like you are sleeping on liquid. It is also highly absorbent thus making sure your neck never gets overheated.

enzo travel pillow

The best thing about the is that it comes with a money back guarantee plus they also sell enzo mosquito repellent bracelets. This means that if you find it not suitable, you can get refunded fully. When you purchase this product, it means that you are benefiting the world. This is because a percentage of all the profits obtained from buying this product are dedicated to helping polar bears. So, why not buy one today and experience all the benefits that come with using it.